UK Drug Discovery Initiative
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HWBNMR atrium

This is an open forum for academic consortium leaders and pharmaceutical companies to explore how best to work together to discover and exploit new targets and lead molecules.

We provide an independent platform for debate and implementation, with the goal of developing therapeutic agents for genetic disorders, cancer and infectious diseases. 


We focus on key issues for collaborative drug discovery including:
  • building trust and mutual understanding between contributing parties to ensure sustainable and rewarding relationships,
  • identifying major challenges that require innovative thinking including tackling unexploited target classes and mechanisms,
  • mapping out precompetitive spaces for open-source collaboration and emergence of global harmonisation and standards,
  • developing fair and reasonable intellectual property strategies for rapid project progression and scalable funding,
  • structuring and optimizing core activities and facilities to ensure milestone-driven projects that can deliver on schedule, and 
  • maximizing data quality, reproducibility and decisiveness while minimizing unnecessary duplication, costs and inefficiencies.