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Meetings held before seminars by the following guest speakers

  1. A pipeline of new targets for cancer drug discovery by Prof Chas Bountra, Head of Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford at the University of Birmingham on 3 February 2015

  2. Chemical and Biological Mechanisms Underlying Regulation of Human Type-1 Ser/Thr Protein Phosphatases by Professor Charles Holmes, Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry,University of Alberta, Canada at the University of Birmingham on 2 February 2015

  3. Signalling and Mechanics at the Mitotic Centromere and Kinetochore by Prof Jason Swedlow, Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression, University of Dundee at the University of Birmingham on 9 December 2014

  4. Christie Gordon Lecture: Tyrosine Phosphatases in Health and Disease by Prof Ben Neel, University of Toronto at the University of Birmingham on 7 May 2014

  5. Humphreys Lecture: Targeting the 'Undruggable' by Prof Nick Tonks, Cold Spring Harbour at the University of Birmingham on 20 February 2013

  6. Manchester Chemical Biology Network Sandpit Meeting with Phil Cohen (Dundee), Michael Overduin (Birmingham) and David Spring (Cambridge) speaking at the Manchester Institute for Biotechnology on 20 June 2012

  7. Fragment Library Meeting and seminar by Martin Drysdale (Beatson Institute for Cancer Research) at the University of Birmingham organized by Michael Overduin on 29 May 2012

  8. Phosphatases in Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities with talks by 11.10 Andy Morley (Dundee), Tricia CohenNick Tonks (CSHL) and Lydia Tabernero (Manchester) at the University of Manchester on 20 April 2012